• Lyons Fork (map)
  • 450 Main Street
  • Lyons, CO 80540

Most dinner pairing events encourage your palate to find the harmonies being paired between food and drink.

This special pairing brings an extra dimension to the table to enhance your evening by letting your appreciation of music engage in the experience.

Please join us for this unique 5 course culinary adventure that pairs food, drink and “Dinner Themed Karaoke” music designed by Chef Brossman and Lyons “Fun Concierge” Ian Phillips in our amazing town that truly holds expert status in the field of “weird fun.”


“In my time living and working in Lyons in the food and beverage industry, I have found that what people really desire in their heart of hearts in addition to quality food and beverage is Karaoke. (It really ties the room together.)”-Ian A. Phillips

April 18th (Celebrate Being Done With Your Taxes!)